Homebuyers in 2023 will be looking for properties that tick all the boxes for modern living. Whether it’s smart technology, sustainable features or flexible spaces, buyers want homes that meet the demands of contemporary lifestyles. The past couple of years have seen an acceleration of certain trends that were already on the rise. 

For instance, the shift to more flexible working arrangements and the increase in time spent at home has led to greater demand for liveable space, home offices and high-performing broadband. Meanwhile, as people have become more eco-conscious and energy costs have risen, energy-efficient homes with smaller environmental footprints have become desirable. So, with astute buyers needs to fulfill, and your own personal desire to achieve a smooth and speedy house sale, here are the key features to add to attract more buyers. 

Garages and outbuildings for extra storage space

Having ample space for parking and storage is increasingly important for homebuyers. Integrated or detached garages are particularly appealing, especially for families who own multiple vehicles. It’s an addition that offers immense value to a homebuyer. 

Beyond just parking cars, garages also provide useful extra storage space for items that don’t need to be kept in the home, such as bikes, tools, garden equipment and camping chairs. People today have accumulated more possessions than in previous decades and garages are in high demand to help clear clutter and keep things organised. Size is, of course, important but design and build quality are equally significant factors for buyers when considering garages. 

Large gardens or patios

Many homebuyers are seeking additional space in the form of large gardens or patio areas that can extend their living space and provide opportunities for recreation, entertaining and relaxing. Low-maintenance gardens requiring minimal upkeep are generally more appealing than unruly plots for the average buyer leading a busy lifestyle. Adding weatherproof seating and an awning creates a relaxed yet functional area that buyers will love. 

Smaller courtyard gardens or patio spaces can also be attractive provided they are well-designed and have room for a few pot plants or seating. Homebuyers are willing to pay premiums for properties with generous, multi-purpose outdoor spaces that enhance their living environment and adapt to different needs. Properties with large gardens or well-designed patios and balconies that tick these boxes will have greater appeal in the housing market.

Smart, energy-efficient homes 

Convenience is a top priority for modern homebuyers, and smart home devices like thermostats, lighting controls, security systems and voice-activated assistants deliver that through connectivity and automation. They allow buyers to remotely monitor and adjust the functions in their home using mobile apps for optimal comfort, security and cost savings, as well as improving energy efficiency

Energy-efficient heating and electrical systems also appeal to eco-conscious buyers seeking to reduce their environmental footprint and lower energy bills. Solar panels, heat pumps, geothermal heating and improved insulation are some of the solutions that make homes more sustainable and affordable to run.

Properties with an excellent home energy rating and lower carbon emissions are especially attractive to buyers. When automation systems and energy-efficient features are combined in a home, buyers can achieve the ‘smart home’ environment that provides the ultimate in connectivity, cost and energy efficiency. 

Practical home offices

With remote and flexible working now commonplace, dedicated office space is in high demand from homebuyers. While some may only require a small corner in a spare bedroom, others need a separate room they can use as a workspace. For individuals and families where anyone works from home, even occasionally, a functioning home office within the property is ideal.

Well-designed home offices provide a relaxing yet engaging environment for work purposes. They have sufficient space for a desk and chair, good lighting, storage for work materials, high-speed internet connectivity and easy access to power points. Often it is a location away from the busier communal areas of the home with doors that can provide privacy. 

For many buyers today, a good-sized home office that offers all the key essentials is a desirable room to have. It enables them to comfortably set up a professional workspace within their home rather than having to go into a corporate office daily and can improve their work-life balance as a result.

Modern, open-plan kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and for most buyers a modern cooking area with high-quality finishes is a top priority. Open-plan kitchens that are integrated with dining and living spaces are particularly popular for their sense of spaciousness and sociability. They allow families and friends to interact while meals are being prepared and enjoy informal dining together.

Contemporary kitchens feature streamlined, minimalist designs with muted tones and textures that exude a stylish yet timeless appeal. Stainless steel appliances, stone countertops and stylish cabinetry are standard features in any new build or refurbished modern kitchen. Multiple ovens, a spacious fridge freezer and an induction hob also provide the facilities for entertaining and bulk cooking.

An up to date kitchen with premium features not only appeals to homebuyers but also adds significant value to a property. Those able to invest in a contemporary kitchen with the latest built-in appliances, elegant fixtures and an open-plan design will achieve a stylish hub for cooking, dining and socialising that leaves a lasting impression. 

Homebuyers in 2023 and beyond will be looking for properties that deliver the facilities and technologies to support present-day lifestyles in sustainable, efficient and stylish spaces. Whether it’s smart home automation, multifunctional open-plan designs, dedicated home workspaces or premium kitchens and gardens for entertaining, people want homes that cater to life’s varying pursuits.

A sustainable, technologically-advanced home with flexible spaces for different purposes, from home working to entertaining, and a contemporary design that makes life as easy and enjoyable as possible is what homebuyers seek. For developers, investors and those looking to sell properties on, providing homes that tick all these boxes through intelligent, eco-friendly design is key to meeting demand and achieving the best price. 

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